Ascher Racing B16M-USB


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  • 8 x push buttons with a positive sense of touch
  • 2 x button guards
  • 2 x encoders including push button function with aluminum buttons
  • 2 x rocker switches

Simucube Wireless Wheel™

  • wireless connection to SC2
  • SC1 (Simucube 1): additional receiver module required!
  • low latency
  • low energy consumption: 2-3 years of battery life on heavy daily usage
  • standard 14250 Lithium battery for maximum capacity
  • easy to swap battery via back side access window
  • button inputs via Simucube – no additional Windows controller
  • hot swapping wheels in-game without reconfiguring inputs
  • maximum signal quality via external stub antenna

New Features

Compared to its previous model, the F28-SC V2 features a closed shape and motorsport rubber grips.
  • Improved grip ergonomics including slightly larger diameter, thinner lower section, different top shape to push top button

16 Inputs

  • 8 x push buttons with positive tactile feeling
  • 2 x protective button guards
  • 2 x encoders inc. push button functionality, aluminium buttons
  • 2 x rocker switches

High Quality Finish

  • Milled from automotive aluminum
  • Black anodized and laser engraved
  • The front surface is brushed
  • Paddle surface glass bead blasted

Magnetic Rocker Switches

  • CNC-milled and anodized from automotive aluminum
  • Strong snap force
  • Contain alternative magnets to reduce force
  • Extremely durable switches from the automotive sector

Button Labels

  • 50 stickers each for the buttons in black and white
  • 72 stickers for the encoders in blue, green, red, black, yellow or white
  • Labels for various common key assignments

General Information

  • 6 x 70 mm bolt circle
  • Includes M5 x 35/40 mm bolts, nuts, and washers to secure the Q1R
  • robust, shielded spiral cable with industrial Binder M16 connector
  • Coiled cable with a length of approx. 64mm
  • A spacer may be required to provide sufficient clearance from the wheelbase
  • Quick Relase not included
  • Mass: 700 g
  • not suitable for strongly curved steering wheel rims

Compatible Wheel Bases

  • Simucube 2
  • Simucube 1 (OSW, Mige)
  • Accuforce
  • Leo Bodnar
  • OSW (argon)
  • Simagic
  • Fanatec DD1 / DD2 (Podium Hub required)
  • VRS Direct Force (longer screws are required)

Compatible Steering Wheels

  • MOMO
  • Mod 69
  • Mod 78
  • Montecarlo
  • OMP
  • 320 s
  • Racing GP
  • Targa
  • Trecento
  • L360
  • R323
  • R383
  • ring
  • MPI Mazda
  • MPI-F-13-GT

Difference between “M” and “L” Models

The main difference is the compatibility of different steering wheel rims, the M-model has buttons for steering wheels with a horizontally shaped center that are shifted upwards. The L-model has buttons for steering wheels with a curved center that are shifted downwards.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 385 × 285 × 195 mm
Quick Release

With SC2 SQR Wheel Side Quick Release +£55, Without SC2 SQR Wheel Side Quick Release


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