Good Day Fellow Sim Racers..


Going from a Sim Racing Addict to selling Sim Racing Technology to addicts! Having being an owner of multiple businesses I naturally started to sell off my accumulation of hardware and turned it in to an online business, now selling many different brands of racing hardware.

Our passion is technology, we also build PCs as a hobby and cant get enough of the tech world that continues to thrive. By having a creative and imaginative team around me, I enjoy implementing ideas, and putting a custom made twist to certain items – such as steering wheels, quirky add ons – phone holders, lights etc, and supporting 3rd party designers who have created brilliant necessities such as USB add-ons for extra compatibility!

Aimed for beginner to intermediate level, I have tried to provide some budget options of products available for those who are just starting out or are on a budget. 

With technology still advancing year on year it doesn’t take long for hardware to become outdated. The great news here though is that you can often grab a bargain, and with the second hand market being very strong it becomes easier to pick up these items. You need to keep a look out on platforms and forums such as e-bid , ebay, Racedepartment, Reddit, ISRTV.

We want to offer items to the places which are hard to reach around the world and where stock is low, including products such as Cube, Fanatec, Thustmaster, Heusinkveld, Ascher Racing, Simucube, Playseat, Next Level Racing..


We build the PCs which can be seen for sale in the Custom PCs section, these are built to run the latest Sim Racing Games and can be bought directly from the website. We will provide a professional warranty with each PC, and customer support to set up. These coupled with a VR headset, and a good sim set up is the most realistic racing experience one can have.

If you have never tried it I suggest you watch some of the videos on YouTube from first timers trying it out. Eventually we would like to offer a section of the website where a visitor can test out the VR experience through cloud gaming, perhaps you are looking for a new PC upgrade but are not sure whether it will be worth it. With cloud gaming you would be able to see the results on your screen of a tailored VR gaming PC but without having to purchase the PC.


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